Students will manage their company and compete against their peers to take over the market
Simulador de finanzas
Simulador de finanzas
Simulador de finanzas
Simulador de finanzas
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The financial management simulation is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students in Business Administration and Management and master’s or postgraduate courses in the economic area.

The student simulates strategic decision-making in an industrial company focusing on decisions in the financial area in a competitive environment of up to 10 companies.

Part of the strategy and marketing decisions are automated in the simulator to focus on the financial management of the company.


  • Ungraduate and graduate students in the area of business administration and management.
  • Students on Master’s and postgraduate courses in the area of business management and administration and strategic management..


  • Retained Earnings and dividends.
  • Investor management.
  • Loan negotiation.
  • Financial investment management.
  • Accounting forecast.
  • Financial accounting.

Skills and competences

  • Teamwork, decision-making, leadership.
  • Management of financial resources.
  • Global vision
  • Competences to analyze the company from a financial point of view.
  • Competences to deal with different economic scenarios.


This simulator can be customized and adapted to users needs.

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