The business simulator have been designed to improve the competencies and skills needed to manage a business.

The student takes the role of an entrepreneur who initiates and manages a microenterprise. The student will make decisions in different areas to succeed in a competitive environment where there are four other businesses.

The user will manage human resources, assets and project management, taking into account that the entrepreneur has to manage time efficiently.

Simulator benefits oriented to class training

  • Increases students participation in class as well as motivation and concentration.
  • It measures and evaluates students’ gained knowledge.
  • It has the capacity to measure and evaluate students entrepreneurial ability thanks to the simulation of starting up a microenterprise.
  • It simulates business reality and offers practical training that challenges students.

Do you want to apply business simulation in your educational institution?

The use of the simulator oriented to the end-user

  • A simple and intuitive digital tool that encourages learning thanks to its user-friendly format.
  • Secure platform where you can put in practice the theoretical knowledge and improve thanks to learning by doing and trial and error without risks of loss.
  • Multi-device tool with easy access to the training.
  • As the experience can be done individually or together, it leads to motivation towards entrepreneurship and engagement towards the company.
  • It prioritises the areas that bring more benefits during company ‘s training, it develops new projects, it interfaces with clients and it forms human resources teams to rise to the top.

Do you want to know how to start up your own business and how to develop your competencies and executive skills?

Individual license

Students / Entrepreneurs

1 license

Basic Customer Service



Other license packs or Flat-rates

Educational Institutions / Consultancy / Companies

More than 10 licenses

Customized Training

Premium Customer Services


  • Undergraduate students.
  • University students.
  • Future or current entrepreneurs.


  • Time management.
  • Human resources management.
  • Project management.

Competences and skills

  • Teamwork, decision making, leadership.
  • Effective time and resource management.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Global vision.
  • Skills to analyze the market and the macroeconomic environment.
  • Competences to deal with different economic scenarios and seasonal demand.


This simulator can be customized and adapted to users needs.

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