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Run a web design small Company, hire workers, set budugets, ask for subsidies…

Simulador de emprendimiento
The Island

Manage a 5 cities Island to improve inhabitadas Life Quality.

Simulador empresarial La Isla
GP Innovation

Take the control of a formula one Command, hire pilots, engineers and design the car.

Simulador de Innovación GP

Create, develop and grow a company in the agricultural sector.

Simulador de negocios agrarios AgroSIm

Take the lead of a company and compete in an environment with 10 other companies.

Simulador de Finanzas
Strategy management

Run an international company, define its strategies and objectives and take it to the top.

Simulador de Gestión Estratégica
Business Plan

Make a business plan and develop it in a safe and risk-free environment.

Simulador de Plan de Negocio

Design a communication, advertising and marketing plan for a company to be the most competitive on the market.

Simulador de Marketing



We create your business simulator tailored to your needs. We adapt all the parameters and design of our tool so that it is 100% customizable and exclusive to your university or company.

The Island

Improve the life quality of the inhabitants by managing an island composed of 5 cities. Managing the economy, energy and human resources of the island.

Strategy management

Think as a manager! Run an international company and decide how to produce, what machinery to have, where to invest, how many employees you need and all the decisions a manager have to make.

GP Innovation

Be the commander of a formula one squad. make decisions as hire drivers or engineers and design the car. Find out how to be the fastest so you can win each race and the season.


Control a small web design company, hire staff, make budgets, apply for grants and other actions to succeed with your business project.


Create, develop and grow a company in the agricultural industry, where you will have to pay special attention to environmental factors without neglecting the economic and human assets.


Run a business and compete in the market with 10 other companies, where aspects such as dividends, reserves, investments, loans, etc. become important.


Design a company’s communication, advertising and marketing plan to make it the most competitive on the market. This will require making strategic decisions that will affect the business.

Business Plan

Make a business plan and develop it in a safe and risk-free environment so that you can learn from mistakes, analyze results and improve your creative and leadership skills.

Customized simulators

Our differential value is our capacity of adaptation to each customer needs, so all our simulators are customized. Our mission is to be your tailor-made solution, where co-creation is the key. Shall we talk?


Business simulation competitions

We are specialists in developing and managing business simulator competitions for universities and companies. We also carry out online and face-to-face promotional campaigns in schools and universities to achieve maximum dissemination and participation.


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