About us

Gestionet has been developing business simulators and gamification tools since 2001. Our goal is to improve the conventional method of learning, providing real business simulations. These tools can be implemented in academic and corporate learning processes, as well as in talent recruitment.

We are a pioneering company in gamification and business games in Spain. Since 2013 we have been operating with Latin American countries.

Our purpose is to transmit contents and positive values to people through educational tools, with an important technological component and designed to achieve the maximum involvement of the student in the learning process.

We have a wide catalogue of business simulations and gamification tools that deal with different topics, such as entrepreneurship, decision-making, teamwork, competitiveness, sustainability or innovation, among others.



Customized simulators

Our differential value is our customized business simulators, adapted to each client necessity.


  • We are digital craftsmen, we use technology to offer the best solutions.
  • We believe in co-creation, working collaboratively is the best way to design the right solution you need.
  • We are committed to innovation, using advanced simulators that will ensure that your objectives are met.

Contact us

Polígono Industrial Axpe.
Av. Ribera de Axpe
Nº 11 Edificio A, Local 209
Erandio (48950), Bizkaia

Phone: (+34) 944 64 93 39

E-mail: [email protected]