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Logos GranadaEduca y Universidad de Granada

E-mprende contest 2022

The largest university business simulation contest in the Basque Country to identify and promote talent for entrepreneurship.


Logo EY

EY Challenge

International business simulation competition “EY Challenge”.


Logo e-mprende


e-mprende competition for business simulation in the Basque Country since 2004.


Logos GranadaEduca y Universidad de Granada

Young Entrepreneurial Talents

challenge “Young Entrepreneurial Talents” of granada, granada educa foundation.


Logo Bankia y Cámaras de Comercio

Incyde Foundation

Incyde Foundation” business simulation contest.


Logo Emprendimiento Madrid

Madri+d Foundation

Business simulation competition “Fundación Madri+d”.


Logo Beaz

The Island of Ideas

Competition “The Island of Ideas” organized by Beaz, Provincial Council of Bizkaia.


Logo Eroski

One action a month for your health

Consumer Eroski contest, “One action a month for your health”.


Logo Endesa

Endesa League Challenge

Endesa Competition “Reto Liga Endesa”.


Logo Zaragoza Activa

The Entrepreneurship Panel

Competition “El panel de emprendimiento”, for the City Council of Zaragoza.


Logo Gobierno Vasco y Tknika

E-mprende FP

E-mprende FP” business simulation contest organized by Tknika”.


Logo Cein

CEIN of Navarra

Business simulation competition of CEIN of Navarra.


Logo Fnac

Fnac competitions

Fnac competitions “20th anniversary Fnac” and “Fnac Christmas”.


Customized simulators

Our differential value is our capacity of adaptation to each customer needs, so all our simulators are customized. Our mission is to be your tailor-made solution, where co-creation is the key. Shall we talk?


Realizamos simuladores a medida, nos adaptamosmos a las necesidades de nuestros clientes

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